Macau - Cash Cycle Seminar

Macau - Cash Cycle Seminar


The past two decades have seen a shift away from cash and other paper-based methods toward electronic payments in many markets around the world.  This trend reflects the widely held belief that electronic forms of payment function at lower costs and provide more benefits to society than paper-based methods, including improving financial inclusion and enhancing the welfare of individuals, merchants and the economy as a whole.


Governments around the world increasingly understand the value of electronic payments and have actively been implementing policies that promote card activation, usage and acceptance.  This segment will review the various policy levers that have been effective in removing impediments to growing acceptance such as insufficient infrastructure, inadequate and misaligned economic incentives for stakeholders and regulatory obstacles.  

Learning Objectives

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • To share the benefits of electronic payments and how enabling policies can facilitate its growth in economies at different stages of development
Target Audience

This program is designed for management and decision makers whose roles are critical to the successful implementation and management of an effective payment system in the country.

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