Cashless Cities: Realizing the benefits of digital payments

Cashless Cities: Realizing the benefits of digital payments

Over the last decade, our society has seen a proliferation of digital commerce. Everything from the range of goods and services we buy to how we buy them has drastically shifted toward digital, bringing significant benefits to consumers, businesses and economies. As the world becomes more connected and the use of digital payments continues to rise, what is the likely outcome for global economies? Visa set out to answer this question in a new study, conducted by Roubini Thoughtlab, which examines the estimated economic impact of increasing the use of digital payment in 100 major cities around the globe. Here are the results.

 Cashless Cities Interactive

Cashless Cities: An Interactive Experience

What if consumers, businesses and government in your city expanded their use of digital payments? Click through our interactive graphic to understand the potential economic impact of increased digital payments on 100 cities around the world. Bring the data to life


Visa's Cashless Cities Report

The study, titled Cashless Cities: Realizing the Benefits of Digital Payments, analyzed the use, acceptance and cost-benefit impact of physical versus digital money. Explore the complete findings, including a potential combined net benefit of up to U.S. $470 billion per year across the 100 cities studied, in the full report. Download the report

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