Visa's Innovative Products

Visa Checkout

Paying online is about to get a whole lot easier. Watch how easy it is to enroll and use Visa Checkout. Goodbye filling out forms. Hello Visa Checkout. The easier way to pay online.

Apple Pay

Learn about using Visa with Apple Pay. Apple Pay is a revolutionary new payment method that allows consumers to make purchases with an iPhone 6 or newer device.

How Mobile Point of Sale Works

Learn how your business can open new doors to expanded revenue by accepting card payments with mPOS.

History of Visa

Visa has been at the forefront of electronic payments since its inception. From the first revolving credit card platform to neural networks and mobile payments, Visa has pioneered the growth and development of this fast-moving industry. Visa's payment platforms are increasingly the backbone of global commerce, enabling the swift and secure transfer of value and information among financial institutions, individuals, businesses and government entities.

The ABCs of APIs – from MuleSoft and VISA

APIs are everywhere. You’re surrounded by them. They’re in the apps you know and love. And you use every day. But what is an API anyway? Well, see how we break APIs down with a simple analogy.

Register for mVisa to start accepting mVisa payments

With mVisa, push payments have become as simple as scanning a QR code to pay for goods and services using a smartphone.

Register for mVisa to start paying with your smartphone

With mVisa push payments have become as simple as scanning a QR code to pay for goods and services using a smartphone.

Visa Direct

Visa Direct is the quick, safe, affordable and easiest way to send and receive money.

IBM and Visa: Turn Any Connected Device Into A Point of Sale with Watson IoT

Via a first of a kind collaboration, IBM and Visa are bringing the point of sale everywhere by allowing businesses to quickly introduce secure payment experiences for any device connected to the Internet of Things. The collaboration brings together IBM’s Watson IoT platform and cognitive capabilities and Visa’s global payments capabilities that are processing more than 60 percent of the world’s payments.

Visa Digital Solutions

This short animated video provides a high-level overview of Visa Digital Solutions for multiple audiences (merchants, issuers, processors, consumers). It explains the digital payment process and Visa’s role as the end-to-end solution provider. Visa Token Service, payWave, and Visa Checkout are highlighted, and payment technologies such as NFC and Apple Pay are mentioned as well. The story includes a real-life scenario of a consumer making both an onsite and online payment.

Why Paying With Your Phone Is So Secure

With new technology, your credit card details aren’t stored on your phone. Rather, your card number and personal information are securely locked away by Visa, only activated when you buy in a shop or online. Paying with your mobile has never been safer.

Online Shopping Is Easy and Secure With Visa

Visa research shows that some consumers however hold back from using their Visa card to shop on-line because of security fears. One of the solutions Visa has developed to address online security is Verified by Visa (VbV). VbV works by authenticating the cardholder before a transaction begins. That's great news for online shoppers!

Visa Quick Chip for EMV

Paying with chip gets a speed boost! Quick Chip for EMV accelerates the checkout process with a simple terminal upgrade.

Mass Transit Transaction Model - extended version

Visa has created the Mass Transit Transaction model, a back-office framework to manage contactless fares regardless of transit operators’ size or fare structure. The Visa model enables operators to offer a range of flexible fares, including fixed fares, distance- and time-based fares, and multi-modal fares, as well as features like fare capping, concessions, and delay refunds.